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NFC advantages for device inter-connection

Near Field Communication (NFC) benefits from growing consumer recognition, but not only for its role in secure transactions. NFC is increasingly present on iOS, Android and Windows mobiles, and is positioning as a unique connectivity enabler.

The IoTize Tap solution implements a passive Near Field Communication device (a.k.a. a tag). This device is powered by an active device (ex. an NFC equipped mobile phone), when that device is within 3 cm of the Tap's NFC tag. This NFC channel can be used as the principle channel of communication, or can wake up, secure and pair the connection on another channel, such as Bluetooth.

With this implementation, NFC responds to several key concerns in connected devices including:

3-Stroke Equipment Configuration with NFC only

In our NFC only products, the NFC channel can be used alone as the primary communication channel between mobile devices and Tap-equipped products.  Check out 3-stroke equipment configuration with NFC, its intuitive, sure and easy.

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