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Complete lines of products for native integration or for retrofit of existing systems.

Duetware and our software ecosystem ease wireless integration in new electronic designs, or as add-ons to deployed equipment. Duetware is at the core of all our qualified wireless products including:

  • TapNLink wireless modules
  • Tapioca wireless adapters for fieldbus and Modbus equipped systems
  • TapNPass wireless tools for fieldbus and Modbus equipped systems

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TapNLink Wireless Modules for NFC, Bluetooth / BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRa
TapNLink Wireless Modules

The perfect component for integrating wireless in your electronic design !

Connects directly to microcontrollers and sensors to add secure, wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa) for connection to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10) or the cloud.

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TapNPass Modbus-Wireless Adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
TapNPass Wireless Tools

The ideal wireless tool for industrial servicing & maintenance !

Plugs into serial fieldbus (RS-232, RS-485 or USB) and Modbus® ports to add secure, wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for connection to mobile apps (Android, iOS or Windows 10).

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Tapioca Modbus-Wireless Add-ons (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa)
Tapioca Wireless Adapters

The ideal add-on for industrial wireless retrofit !

Plugs into serial fieldbus (RS-232, RS-485 or USB) and Modbus® ports to add secure, wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for connection to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10) or the Cloud.

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TapNLink PRIMER Wi-Fi, BLE, NFC evaluation kit

TapNLink Primer evaluation and design platform for wireless, mobile and cloud integration. Try out all the features of TapNLink NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa modules, including free access to our Ionic App Generator for Android and iOS smartphones.

Includes special features to accelerate implementation on STM32 (Cortex M) and Arduino.

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Buy IoTize Ionic Automatic HMI App Generator (Android, iOS)
App Generation Software

With IoTize Automatic App Generator based on the Cordova platform and Ionic software tools, instantly create mobile HMI apps without writing a single line of code. Everything is based on your configuration of your TapNLink, TapNPass or Tapioca products. These industry-stanard tools take the worries and challenges out of creating Android and iOS apps.

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IoTize wireless & app design & integration services
Integration & Development Services

Lack resources, expertise or time, IoTize engineering services kickstart your connectivity projects. Creating apps, building Proofs-of-Concept, or just need help with integration, IoTize fast tracks your projects with our Tap solution and our expertise in embedded systems, wireless design, mobile apps and Cloud integration.

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