3-Stroke Configuration

NFC for secure, rapid 3-stroke equipment configuration

NFC enables advanced functionality on its own or as a complement to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Tap wireless and contactless solutions implement a passive Near Field Communication device (a.k.a. a tag). This tag is powered by the mobile device when it is within 3 cm.

Implemented on its own in our contactless modules, the NFC tag serves as the principle communication channel with mobile devices for 3-stroke equipment configuration:

  • 1st Stroke:   communication is established and parameters are read
  • 2nd Stroke:  the user changes parameter settings on the mobile HMI
  • 3rd Stroke:  the user transfers the updated parameters to the equipment

NFC is also present in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, where it can be used as the principle channel of communication, or to wake up, secure and pair the connection another wireless channel.

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