NFC for Appliance Configuration

Win HVAC Customers with NFC

Why do 80% of Users Give Up on Saving Energy?

HVAC appliance manufacturers face increasing requirements to improve control of appliance energy consumption. The general observation in the industry is that these features are not used!

Having already invested in expensive user interfaces and programmable controls, manufacturers now have to double down on that investment. Larger screens, more ergonomic controls, tactile interfaces, voice control: How far do they have to go stay on the market and retain customers?

The solution is easier, more accessible, and far more flexible than they imagine. Near Field Communication (NFC) and mobile apps provide a unique opportunity to deliver the control and the user experience that customers really want.

TapNLink NFC 3-Stroke Configuration demonstrated in this video offers the ease, comfort and security that we expect of appliances. With TapNLink modules and our software ecosystem, manufacturers can provide NFC-enhanced products immediately, without redesigning their entire product.


NFC products in this video...