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IoTize TapNPass - Instant Wireless for Modbus

Instantly Links Fieldbus & Modbus® Equipped Industrial Systems to Mobile Devices and Cloud

Custom servicing apps for maintenance efficiency

On-site verification is crucial in maintaining industrial and electrical networks, and on-board LCD interfaces are inadequate for efficient, safe testing and servicing. Mobile apps are today's essential tool for improving maintenance efficiency, reducing human error, and protecting technicians in these challenging environments.

TapNPass is your instant, ‘no code' solution for wireless retrofit and creation of custom mobile apps that correspond to your testing and servicing requirements. TapNPass Duetware-based wireless adapters transform existing industrial equipment into wireless connected systems to facilitate on-site interventions for commissioning, audits, maintenance and software updates. TapNPass is designed as a Modbus (RTU) Master device allowing users to configure, monitor and control industrial equipment and systems.

Improve service efficiency with apps

Technicians’ familiarity with mobile apps make these interfaces ideal for connecting to, evaluating and updating equipment.   Learn more...

Increase flexibility in maintenance interfaces

Mobile apps are easy to change and (re)distribute to technicians, making in easier to adapt to evolving requirements.   Learn more...

The right connectivity when it's needed

SCADA networks empower remote supervision but technicians need connectivity and tools that are adapted to their daily, on-site maintenance tasks.   Learn more...

Efficiency without compromising security

Leaving a Wi-Fi channel broadcasting 24/7 increases security risks. TapNPass provides the right connectivity at the right time to your qualified technicians.   Learn more...

TapNPass Products & Key Features


Modbus lwM2M JVM Typical Uses Availability
TnP-NSR103 NFC, BLE RS232, RS485, USB host    
TnP-FSR103 NFC, BLE RS232, RS485, USB host    
TnP-NSW103 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi

RS232, RS485, USB host

TnP-FSW103 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi RS232, RS485, USB host      

   Yes             No             Configuration             On-site monitoring          .  Remote Supervision



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  • TapNPass, TnP-NSR103 Quick Start Guide