Reduce radio emissions that invite unwanted attention and have harmful impacts on others

In an increasingly connected world where every-other machine or sensor will soon be broadcasting something using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other longer range technologies, discretion has significant added value. Putting a permanently emitting radio on a system is like putting adding a sign and access door to your machine that any dishonest, malicious and just curious person might want to try to open.

There is also increasing evidence that the permanent presence of radio emissions in our environment is at least irritating to some, if not outright harmful. Reducing these emissions is gaining importance.

The Tap's NFC tag, however only broadcasts when it is powered by the presence of an active NFC device (i.e. a smartphone or reader). It is only powered when the poller is within 3 cm. This implies the physical presence of a user who has some knowledge of the machine and physical access to it.

The Tap's NFC tag can also be configured to wake-up, pair and secure another wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, when a user is present and initiates the connection. Otherwise, those wireless channels are not emitting, or using power.