Reduce radio emissions that invite unwanted attention and have harmful impacts on others

In an increasingly connected world where every machine, appliance and sensor will soon be broadcasting data using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other technologies, discretion has value. Putting a permanently emitting radio on a system is like putting up signs that tell any dishonest, malicious or curious person that data access is possible.

There is also increasing evidence that the permanent presence of radio emissions in our environment is at least irritating and perhaps harmful to part of the population. Reducing these emissions is gaining importance.

NFC tags only communicate when powered by the presence of an active NFC device (i.e. a mobile phone or a tag reader). This only happens when the active NFC device is within 3 cm of the tag. So connecting via NFC requires the physical presence of a user. This proximity also implies that the user has some knowledge of the appliance and physical access to it.

NFC tags can also be configured to wake-up another wireless connection on an appliance, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When a user brings their NFC mobile or reader to within 3 cm of an appliance's NFC tag, the NFC application secures the communication with an exchange of encryption keys, opens the desired radio channel, and pairs the communicating devices. When a user is not present, the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi channels do not need to emmit an advertising signal, or use any power.

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