Duetware Overcomes Wireless IoT Challenges

Duetware for instant mobile HMI apps & IoT supervision

IoTize software solves the challenges of embedded, mobile phone & cloud integration without effort or risks.

Today, customers expect mobile phone and cloud-based features and services in home appliances and industrial systems.

Luckily, enhancing appliances with smartphone HMI apps and cloud-based services is a snap with Duetware. It resolves the challenges designers face when creating wireless designs, mobile apps, and cloud services. With fully implemented features that include a lightweight M2M (lwM2M) core, an embedded Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and designed in security and encryption features, Duetware eliminates the need for expertise in wireless, encryption, edge computing, access control, MQTT and more.

Wihen using Duetware in their wireless circuits, designers don't worry about technology. Its communication, data processing and security features implement by simple configuration and meet the needs of many use cases. Human-machine interfaces are created as mobile phone apps are instantly and generated automatically using industry standard Ionic / Cordova tools for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Integrating your designs with any cloud platform is also easy with our MQTT implementation and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to handle edge data processing, formatting and messaging.

With Duetware, system designers focus on meeting end-customers' needs and not on technology hurdles. This ensures that your IoT-enhanced products provide customers the efficiency, ease-of-use and service they expect.

Duetware software is at the heart of IoTize wireless hardware including TapNLink, TapNPass and Tapioca. Duetware also ports to leading processors including STM32 (Cortex M) and ESP32 microcontrollers and processors. Contact our representatives for details and pricing.

Advanced NFC Features

Make connecting mobiles to equipment easy with NFC 3-Stroke Configuration, or NFC Tap-to-Pair for WiFi and Bluetooth.

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Wireless for Mobiles & Cloud

With our lwM2M core, designers add wireless (NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa) to any electronic design in minutes, without writing a line of code.  

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Mobile HMI apps

Our Ionic / Cordova app generator delivers instant graphical interfaces as Android and iOS apps, without writing a single line of code.  

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Turn-Key Wireless Designs

Complete, qualified wireless implementations that connect systems to mobiles, or to the Cloud.

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Security by Design

Pre-implemented features for access control, authentication, and dynamic-layered encryption.

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