Use Cases

Appliance Configuration

NFC 3-Stroke configuration and mobile apps are efficient, and intuitive for configuring appliances, or systems. See how it works in the latest generation of NFC heating appliances.

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Access Control

For access control applications, NFC mobiles and apps offer improved ease-of-use, efficiency and security. They also ease users' worries about touching unsanitary tactile controls.

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Industrial Monitoring

For industrial systems, wireless and mobile HMI apps improve ease-of-use, efficiency and security for installers, maintenance workers and supervisors. Contemporary, adaptable servicing interfaces improve service efficiency and reduce human errors.

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Industrial Monitoring & Wireless Modbus

For on-site tests in industrial environments, Modbus-to-Wireless adapters and mobile apps improve servicing efficiency and quality. Learn how TapNPass simplifies retrofit of existing installations and accelerates deployment of mobile apps that are tailored users tasks.

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