Sure & Intuitive

Make inter-connection of wireless devices simple and intuitive

Manually connecting a mobile device to another wireless device is often laborious and uncertain... especially for the first connection. Often this requires scanning for available connections, identifying the right device to connect to, selecting it and typing some sort of code or key. In the process there is uncertainty, risk of technical errors and risk of human errors.

The Tap's NFC tag, vastly simplifies this process. The user for an equipment doesn't have to select a device from a list of obscure codes, names or addresses. The user simply approaches their mobile to within 3 cm of the Tap wireless device. 

The rest takes seconds and is entirely automatic. There are no risks of misread names or typos in connection keys. The Tap's NFC tag wakes up the Bluetooth device, pairs the two devices, exchanges security keys to encrypt the communication channel. Finally, it launches the appropriate app on the mobile so the user can start working.

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Wireless Modules

Products that connect directly to your system's microcontroller to add a secure, wireless port for mobiles and the Cloud.

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Modbus-Wireless Adapters

Products that transform fieldbus and Modbus® ports into wireless ports for mobiles and the Cloud.

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