NFC for Access Control

Improve Access Control Ease, Efficiency and Security with NFC

How Does NFC Improve the Ease, Efficiency and Security of Access Control Systems?

The key pads that are used as "digicodes," building intercoms, keyless locks and other building entry controls, present numerous short comings. Because of the cost of developing these expensive controls, everyone understands why manufacturers are reticent to re-invest in other mobile solutions. However, the inefficiency for both users and building managers, combined with increasing sanitary concerns about shared tactile controls are catalysts for change.

With TapNLink, NFC/mobile solutions more accessible, and far more flexible than most manufacturers imagine. And, Near Field Communication and mobile apps offer a unique opportunity to deliver the control and the user experience that customers really want.

The TapNLink NFC 3-Stroke Configuration feature demonstrated in this video offers the ease, comfort and security that residents, home owners and building managers need. With TapNLink modules and our complete hardware/software solution, manufacturers can deploy NFC-enhanced products immediately, without redesigning their entire product.


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