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Tapioca Modbus to Wireless Devices

Instantly Links Fieldbus & Modbus® Equipped Industrial Systems & PLC to Mobile Phones and Cloud

On-site users interact every day with the systems and equipment that you've designed. But those on-board LCD interfaces are not your users' best friends. They are inadequate for viewing complex configurations and difficult to navigate. Mobile apps are today's essential tool for improving users' interactions with everything from appliances to industrial systems. They provide better access to features and information which, in the end reduces human errors and makes us all more efficient.

Tapioca is your instant, ‘no code' solution for wireless retrofit and creation of the customized apps that your users need. Tapioca Duetware-based wireless adapters transform existing industrial equipment into wireless connected systems to facilitate on-site interventions for installation, maintenance, and day-to-day use.


Improve user experience with mobile apps

Users' familiarity with mobile apps make them ideal for connecting to equipment, navigating complex data and controlling any type of industrial system or equipment.   Learn more...

Increase flexibility with apps and plug-and-play wireless adapters

Mobile apps are easy to change and distribute, which makes it easy to evolve user interfaces to changes in system features, or changes in users' needs..   Learn more...

The right connectivity when it's needed

SCADA networks empower remote control but don’t necessarily address your needs to connect equipment to mobile devices.   Learn more...

Robust industrial design adapts to any environment

In the rough-and-tumble world of industrial systems, off-the-shelf consumer-grade electronics just don't make the cut.   Learn more...

Tapioca Products & Key Features


Modbus lwM2M JVM IP67 Casing Typical Uses Availability
TpC-FS0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   USB      
TpC-FS2W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   RS232      
TpC-FS4W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi  


TpC-FC0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   CAN      
TpC-FE0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   Ethernet      
TpC-PS0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   USB      
TpC-PS2W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   RS232      
TpC-PS4W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   RS485      
TpC-PC0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   CAN      
TpC-PE0W123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi   Ethernet      
TpC-PS0L123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LoRa USB      
TpC-PS2L123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LoRa RS232      
TpC-PS4L123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LoRa RS485      
TpC-PC0L123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LoRa CAN      
TpC-PE0L123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LoRa Ethernet      
TpC-PS0M123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LTE-M USB      
TpC-PS2M123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LTE-M RS232      
TpC-PS4M123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LTE-M RS485      
TpC-PC0M123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LTE-M CAN      
TpC-PE0M123 NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi LTE-M Ethernet      

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