Enable power optimization of wireless interfaces by breaking the "always-on" paradigm

Long-range, permanently emitting radio technologies have the advantage of always on availability, but at the cost of increased harmful radio emissions and high power consumption. These can be high prices to pay when those communication channels are only needed if a user is present.

The Tap's NFC tag, is ideal for uses where a user is present to connect to and interact with a system or machine. NFC eliminates the need for permanently emitted radio signals and the power consumption this implies. Communication can be shut down entirely. When a user is present, their NFC equipped mobile powers the NFC tag. The Tap wakes up and pairs the mobile with the target system's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi channel. Power consumption increases as necessary to support this activity during the session. However, when the session ends, Tap and the communication channels can enter a sleep mode that minimizes power consumption.

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Wireless Modules

Products that connect directly to your system's microcontroller to add a secure, wireless port for mobiles and the Cloud.

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Modbus-Wireless Adapters

Products that transform fieldbus and Modbus® ports into wireless ports for mobiles and the Cloud.

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