Your First Step to Industry 4.0 Migration

Webinar: Mobile Apps Improve Maintenance Efficiency

TapNPass for Immediate Gains in Efficiency of On-Site Interventions

The advantages of Industry 4.0 do not come overnight, but in phases. The correct first step maximizes reuse of your existing infrastructure without barring the path to your ultimate goals - productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

In Industry 4.0, networks and equipment still require on-site audits, testing and corrections. However, the user interfaces on existing equipment are not efficient, and increase risks of human errors during interventions that are intended to correct problems... not create them.

Mobile HMI offer user-friendly displays that improve visibility of performance parameters and data. But how can we connect mobile HMI to industrial systems without replacing them? An easy and efficient retrofit is available with TapNPass Modbus-to-Wireless adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi). Not only do they provide a secure and configurable wireless port, but they also help any user rapidly create mobile HMI apps that correspond precisely to their on-site tasks.

Learn how TapNPass provides an immediate wireless-mobility solution to improve service efficiency. Explore its data security, and access control feaures. Discover its unique approach that makes it ideal for on-site interventions, and remote monitoring* from your supervisory platforms.