Tapioca for HMI as Mobile Apps

Improve user experience with mobile apps

Users’ familiarity with mobile apps make them ideal for connecting to equipment, navigating complex data and controlling any type of industrial system or eqiupment. Apps are the perfect replacement for on-board LCD interfaces. And, data stored by apps can easily be shared with support engineers and service technicians.

Tapioca with our automatic App Generator is the 'no code' solution to rapidly create apps that are tailored to your users. It requires just a simple configuration of access and display parameters. It supports the creation of custom mobile apps with:

  • Embedded Duetware for all communication, security and data handling features
  • IoTize Studio drag-and-drop configuration environment
  • Automatic App Generator

IoTize Studio is provided as a free download.

App Generator is provided as an online software via IoTize TapCLOUD. Just create your account and register your IoTize wireless product.


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  • Tapioca USB Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS0x12x) Datasheet
  • Tapioca RS232 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS2x12x) Datasheet
  • Tapioca Ethernet Wireless Adapter (TpC-xE0x123) Datasheet
  • Tapioca Ethernet, RS485 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xE1x123) Datasheet
  • Tapioca RS485 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS4x123) Datasheet
  • Tapioca TpC-FS4W123 Quick Start Guide
  • Tapioca TpC-FS2W123 Quick Start Guide
  • Tapioca TpC-FS0W123 Quick Start Guide
  • Tapioca TpC-FS4L113 Quick Start Guide