Fieldbus, Modbus® to wireless

The right connectivity when it's needed

SCADA networks empower remote control but don't necessarily address your needs to connect equipment to mobile devices. For on-site connection with mobiles, NFC helps users connect securely and surely to the right equipment. While Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allow users to work comfortably with range and bandwidth for system monitoring and data collection. Our fieldbus-to-wireless adapters retrofit wireless instantly to industrial systems and put the data that interests your users where they need it, right in their hands.

Tapioca connects to legacy fieldbus ports, replacing serial cables with robust, secure wireless communications. The Tapioca line offers:

  • Connection to legacy Modbus® and fieldbus (RS232, RS485, USB, CAN, Ethernet)
  • NFC enhanced Bluetooth (BLE) and Wi-Fi for connection to mobiles
  • LPWAN connections for permanent monitoring
  • Designed-in security and access control


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  • Tapioca USB Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS0x12x) Datasheet
  • Tapioca RS232 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS2x12x) Datasheet
  • Tapioca Ethernet Wireless Adapter (TpC-xE0x123) Datasheet
  • Tapioca Ethernet, RS485 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xE1x123) Datasheet
  • Tapioca RS485 Wireless Adapter (TpC-xS4x123) Datasheet
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