Rapid Integration

IoTize for Rapid, No-Risk Integration

Wireless connectivity with no coding or hardware design

Integration by configuration minimizes the expertise, effort, and risks when adding NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an electronic design.

The IoTize™ approach to adding wireless connectivity minimizes expertise and effort by encapsulating functions in a "configurable solution." Our fully qualified Tap radio component and companion Tap Manager app encapsulate all aspects of wireless connectivity for connection to mobile devices. Your system designers just plug in Tap, configure it, and your product is ready to connect!

The Tap combines a co-processor with wireless components (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) and security features (key management, access profiles, AES-256 / AES-128 encryption). This co-processor manages communications with the target system (your product) via a debug port, or 2 GPIO, or a field bus. The Tap's wire connections adapt easily to industry-standard connectors.

The co-processor acts as an intelligent supervisor of the target system. It non-intrusively reads/writes data in the memory of your product's central processor. To implement, your system designers simply configure the Tap with the addresses and the access rights for the variables that you are interested in monitoring, logging or modifying. There is no embedded code development to do.

To connect to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc.), our Tap Manager app (for Android and iOS platforms) manages all the mobile device's communication interfaces. Your system designers only configure the Tap, which results in a test app. This test app (HTML, CSS) is easily modified and evolved to create user interfaces for local data monitoring, or data exchanges with the Cloud.

For Cloud integration, IoTize also provides an open source MQTT relay. For a working example of Cloud integration, system designers can start with our TapNLink Primer. This evaluation tool includes a complete implementation for logging data on an IoT service platform. From this point, the MQTT relay can be adapted to public or private IoT Cloud platforms.

IoTize for Rich User Interfaces

Instant Wireless for Every Use Case

A range of wireless options that connect to mobile devices or to the Cloud

Once it is configured, the Tap provides a bridge between your system and a smartphone or a WAN/LPWAN gateway via a variety of wireless communication interfaces. Tap-based products allow connection with mobile devices via Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Wi-Fi.

Future Tap products will also allow WAN/LPWAN for remote data logging via Wi-Fi, LoRa, and other long range low power technologies. Tap based products are fully compatible with a range of wireless technologies including GSM, SigFox, WMBus, etc., thus enabling integration of systems into virtually any network infrastructure.