Versatile Plug and Play Architecture

IoTize Embedded Duetware features

With the Duetware solution, versatility comes from embedded, configurable features that include:

  • Wireless ports for connection with mobiles, or with WAN / LPWAN.
  • Digital ports:  for connection to target processors (SWD, S3P, Modbus), or to other IC (IOs, PWM, UART, I2C).
  • LwM2M processing core for handling target system, and internal variables according to the designer's configuration.
  • Java Virtual Machine for executing a designer's Java code to control of external devices, or to format and send data to Cloud platforms.


Our Duetware firmware is ported to industry-leading processors such as the STMicroelectronics STM32 and Espressif ESP32 processors. This allows companies to integrate our powerful, flexible features in their own wireless designs, so that their designs benefit from the same ease of integration as our own wireless devices. For more information, contact sales and support team here...

Java Virtual Machine

The flexibility, ease and power of java to drive custom edge-processing and control applications.

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LwM2M Core

Plug-and-play network and system integration with our configurable, low-power command processor.  

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