Versatile Plug and Play Architecture

IoTize TapNLink embedded features


With the Tap solution, versatility comes from embedded, configurable features that include:

  • Wireless ports for connection with mobiles, or with WAN / LPWAN.
  • Digital ports:  for connection to target processors (SWD, S3P, Modbus), or to other IC (IOs, PWM, UART, I2C).
  • LwM2M processing core for handling target system, and internal variables according to the designer's configuration.
  • Java Virtual Machine for executing a designer's Java code to control of external devices, or to format and send data to Cloud platforms.
Java Virtual Machine

The flexibility, ease and power of java to drive custom edge-processing and control applications.

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LwM2M Core

Plug-and-play network and system integration with our configurable, low-power command processor.  

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