Maximizes Re-Use

2-Ways to Connect to Existing Systems without Redesign or Recoding Software

The Tap maximizes hardware & software re-use from your existing designs and products

Tap eliminates software re-coding and hardware re-design when adding wireless connectivity to a design or an existing product. Tap-based products connect either directly to the microcontroller (MCU) in an electronic system (TapNLink) or to an industry-standard RS-232 or RS-485 serial bus (TapNPass).

When connected directly to an MCU, Tap uses just 2 GPIO and supports debugging (SWD), Serial or Modbus protocol for communication. On fieldbus-equipped, industrial systems, the Tap supports Modubus communication in protocol. In both cases Tap is able to non-intrusively read and write data values. Tap thus enables easy, rapid wireless integration for connection to mobile devices with:

  • Integration without re-coding target system software
  • Feature implementation by configuration only
  • Support of industry-standard connectors & protocols
  • Qualified & optimized wireless modules with embedded antennas