Product terminology


  • Bundle
    • A term used in the process of configuring IoTize's wireless modules. It refers to a grouping of specific resources (variables/data in the target system), user profiles and access rights. By creating bundles, the designer of the application determines what information in their system can be accessed from a mobile or from the Cloud via the IoTize wireless module.

  • Evaluation kit

    • Refers to any combination of hardware and software that IoTize may provide customers for initial product testing and integration in their own design or system.

      Modules provided for evaluation have limitations compared to "standard modules," but  may include special features, software, code samples or sample configurations to help customers get started or create a proof-of-concept (PoC).

  • Primer

    • An IoTize product name designating an evaluation kit. The name "Primer" refers to a product that is designed specifically to introduce a customer to the technical features of IoTize standard modules. Primers provide a complete, working example of how the standard module is integrated into a sample application. Primers are also designed to be reconfigured and integrated in to the customer's own design. 

  • Profile

    • Refers to a type of end-user for a system that an IoTize wireless module is integrated into. User profiles are used to limit and control access to the system's data.

      Example: an "anonymous" profile can be limited read only access to system data, where a "supervisor" profile can be given read and write access to system data. To gain supervisor access, the user will have to enter the correct login and password in the HMI on the mobile device.

  • Standard module

    • Refers to wireless modules that are integrated into the customer's final system or product. The term "standard module" is used to distinguish these modules from the modules that are provided in evaluation kits or Primers.