IoT App Creator Professional - 6 Month Subscription

Professional license for IoT App Creator and App Generator, 180-day access.

Order : App-Creator-PRO-6

3594 €
IoT App Creator Professional - 6 Month Subscription

IoT App Creator and our automatic App Generator provide you everything you need to create customize, branded mobile HMI for any electronic device or system that you have equipped with an IoTize wireless hardware module or device.

Your Professional license subscription provides you access to App Creator and Generator from your IoTize account with the features and limitations indicated here. Your subscription gives you the flexibility to pay only while you are using the tools and renew at any time.

Supported IoTize Hardware


Subscription features and limitations:

   Duration of access  180 days from activation (extendable)  
   Nº of Users 10  
   Nº of Dashboard projects  30  
   Dashboard configuration size  10 Mbytes  
   Nº of App projects 30  
   App configuration size 20 Mbytes  
   Multi-language support Unlimited languages  
   Nº of App builds 150 per month  

Delivery Notes:

  • Service team activates the license upon reception of your order, for the primary account email address that you indicate in the order comments.
  • Access is valid for 180 calendar days from the date of activation.