Get Ionic Cordova Mobile HMI App Generator

Get Ionic Cordova 'No Code' Mobile HMI App Generator for iOS iPhone & Android smartphones

Cross-platform, 'no coding' solution creates HMI apps for iOS iPhones and Android smartphones in minutes.

Using Duetware wireless in your appliance, equipment, or sensor designs?  With IoTize's complete software ecosystem, product designers just configure wireless communications, and display features for their Human-Machine Interface (HMI) app. IoTize Studio and our Ionic / Cordova App Generator do the rest.

All App Generator packages support tailored HMI apps for different user types, different wireless interfaces (NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), any mobile platform, and for any type of tactile graphical control that you might want. Professional and Enterprise packages even support multi-target and dynamic user interfaces allowing companies to do more, with greater flexibility from a single app.

Server-based tools eliminate complex installations and updates and break the cycle of paying exorbitant prices for single-seat design tools. 

Duetware and our 'no coding' Ionic / Cordova design tools reduce wireless implementation and app creation to a simple connection, configuration, and generation. We deliver complete iOS (IPA) and Android (APK) projects that you can build and publish immediately to App Store or Google Play Store. Or fine-tune your apps to add even more functionality. Either way, IoTize provides designers with robust tools and the freedom to do anything they want with their HMI app. No strings. Pay as you go. Full control of source projects and designs.

Free access to tools is offered to all users of Duetware-basd TapNLink, TapNPass and Tapioca wireless hardware.

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Free App Generator with Duetware-based Wireless Products

Wireless Modules

TapNLink products connect directly to your system's microcontroller to add a secure, wireless portal (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) that connects them to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10), or networks.

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Modbus-Wireless Adapters

TapNPass transforms your existing fieldbus (RS-232, RS-485 or USB) and Modbus® ports into secure, wireless portals (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) that connect them to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10), or networks.

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