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IoTize Cordova / Ionic Automatic App Gernator

Software infrastructure and tools to fit your needs and budgets

The IoTize Studio software environment and our Automatic App Generator  (Cordova / Ionic) ease configuration of all pre-implemented features of our Tap-based wireless products, facilitate use of advanced features like our embedded JVM, and automate the creation of your HMI apps. This powerful software tool set reduces wireless implmentation and HMI creation to a simple process of connection, configuration, and generation. No coding is required.

The server-based Automatic App Generator is available for free to all evaluation kit users, and allows them to explore our products' features and explore the possibilities for using HMI apps in their own products.

The paid software subscriptions for the Automatic App Generator are adapted to a range of organization sizes and requirements. This server-based App Generator ensures that there are no complex software installations, updates, or license activations to manage. All subcription options are managed through the user's account on the IoTize development server.

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Tap Configuration Environment

IoTize Studio configures the features of Tap-based wireless devices, and how they interact with mobile devices, or with Cloud-based service platforms.

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App Generation Software

With IoTize Automatic App Generator based on the Cordova platform and Ionic software tools, instantly create mobile HMI apps without writing a single line of code. Cloud-based tools take the worries and challenges out of creating Android and iOS apps.

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Get the latest versions of IoTize Studio configuration software, IoTize utility apps, and other tools.

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