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IoTize™ plugs directly into system processor’s debug port for connectivity
without modifying the systems’ native hardware or software.

IoTize™ minimizes the expertise, effort, time and risk associated with integrating IoT connectivity and deploying Smart Industrial, Smart Building and Smart Home systems. IoTize™ combines an innovative co-processor approach with RF and security technologies so that implementing IoT connectivity requires little expertise and no changes to the hardware or software of the native system.

Plug in

IoTize moduleIoTize™ includes its own co-processor capable of non-intrusively monitoring and writing the memory space of the target system’s processor. IoTize™ plugs directly into the debug port on the system’s processor without modifying the systems’ native hardware or software. Where a debug port is not available, IoTize™ achieves the same functionality with a simple monitoring function via a serial port.

Combining RF interfaces with a co-processor in this way makes it possible to add connectivity without any redesign and re-validation of the system’s original functionality.


In addition to its co-processor, IoTize™ implements one or more RF interfaces and may include security features, an embedded secure element or complementary memory (data logging). Module configuration is quick and easy and is done by a simple XML based description file. Configuration includes specifying the target device, monitored variables, and security or authentication features that may be available depending on the module’s options.


IoTize Smartphone InterfaceOnce it is configured, IoTize™ provides a bridge between the system’s processor and a smartphone or gateway via a variety of RF communication interfaces. IoTize™ supports smartphone connectivity via Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth and WiFi. IoTize™ is also fully compatible with any other RF technology (GSM, ISM Band, SigFox, LoRa, WMBus, etc.), thus enabling integration of systems into virtually any network infrastructure.

Rapidly create smartphone applications to monitor a system, control it, or transfer monitored data to and from the cloud. All this is possible using a simple IoTize™ read/write API and HTML templates for smartphone applications. It is also possible to implement applications natively on the smartphone. Updating smartphone interfaces is as easy as delivering users updates for their smartphone application or a new smartphone application.

Implement cloud-based applications on any network infrastructure. Once product use or maintenance data is collected to the smartphone, it can be transmitted via the GSM network to cloud-based applications. System-usage data can then be leveraged to:

  • Support product design teams
  • Provide new user interfaces
  • Provide remote diagnostic tests
  • Provide service and support documentation
  • Propose product replacement or related consumables

preDownload our IoTize Solutions Brochure to learn more about IoTize’s advantages and features for plug’n play Cloud connectivity in your microcontrolle-based systems.

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