Cotherm - NFC for Heating Appliance Control

NFC for Heating Appliance Configuration

Cotherm is a leading company in the design and manufacture of temperature controllers for a range of heating applications.

Faced with the challenge getting appliance owners to use increasingly complex, programmable energy-saving features, Cotherm turned to NFC 3-Stroke Configuration. Using mobile apps and Near Field Communication (NFC) are an intuitive, efficient, and secure way to configure electric radiators as we can see in this video. Connection between the mobile and the appliance is effortless, with no lists of device connections and no pairing codes to enter. And, apps provide a mobile Human-Machine Interface that is easy to understand and use without a user manual. This ease-of-use is a significant time-saver for installers. It will also encourage owners to use those energy saving features – a win-win for both owners’ bank accounts and for our EU sustainability objectives.

Thanks to this cooperation between Cotherm, with their expertise in heating controls, and IoTize with their expertise in NFC and mobile apps, the first heating products featuring NFC 3-Stroke configuration will reach the market in 2021. Following on this success, the IoTize NFC solution expects to field new innovations and features that make integration easier for manufacturers, that extend the benefits of NFC to more types of appliances, and more types of users (appliance manufacturers, resellers, installers and owners).

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