IoTize For?

Enhance user interfaces with eye-catching responsive graphical interfaces that correspond to users’ real expectations, culture and habits. Yet, maintain the esthetic, durability and economic advantages of simple physical controls on your product.

Empower and reassure users with opt-in connectivity based on smartphone NFC technology. Ensure information security and protect product IP in any connectivity configuration with a choice of user management, authentication, read-out protection and encryption options.

Deliver new features based on real product usage data. Enable IoT-based services including remote support, diagnostics, and maintenance. Nurture user relationships and evolve business models to favor supplier/client trust, product durability and adaptability.

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IoTize Industrial Interface Demo

Hydrologic Hydro1600 shown in this video is a water level monitoring system. It benefits from a new graphical user interface on smartphone or tablet PC thanks to the IoTize connectivity module. The manufacturer is able to add IoTize to their machine and enable an NFC or Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet PC without changing the firmware or hardware that are native to the system.

The user interface is built on the IoTize Communication Service layer application for Android smartphones and tablets. The user interface is HTML based. Because users can draw on a lot of available resources (application templates and animated widgets), it is relatively easy and quick to create a good looking and responsive user interface.

IoTize Rejuvenates Legacy Systems

Rich product interfaces

Contemporary, eye-catching, easy-to-use and still cost effective. The smartphone offers all these advantages without requiring heavy investments in development and validation. And changing the interface is as easy as sending a new application to your users.


IoTize™ includes both on-board and server-based options to provide scalable security to any product. Define user groups and rights and manage authentication at a level that is appropriate to the product, the risk levels and the cost.

Connectivity Enhanced Services

With IoTize™, users’ smartphones recover product usage data. Transferred to the cloud, companies can leverage data to provide product evolutions, maintenance and support services based on real usage patterns and experiences. Companies can push new applications and even firmware updates to users to enable new features or correct problems.

Flexibility & Personalization

Evolving products to meet user expectations no longer requires upgrading the material product. With smartphone connectivity, user interfaces can be deployed and evolved to meet changing user expectations or to personalize functionality to different types of users.