Sales & Support

Q: Where can I buy TapNLink or TapNPass?

You can purchase all of our products in limited quantity packages directly from our online catalog in the Product section. For larger quantities or special requests, email us for a price quotation through our contact form.

IoTize products are also available through a growing network of worldwide and regional distributors:

Q: Why can I only purchase modules in specific quantities?

When Purchasing on the IoTize web site:

  • All evaluation kits and TapNPass products:
    • For shipping cost calculation, the orderable quantity is limited to 4 products for a single order.
    • The Minimum Orderable Quantity (MOQ) is 1 product.
  • TapNLink standard modules:
    • Online orderable quantities are in place for practical reasons of limiting the number of online references, for packaging, stock management and shipping cost calculation.
    • The Minimum Orderable Quantity (MOQ) is 20 modules.
    • You can order small quantities in multiples of 20 modules.
    • You can order larger quantities in packages of 160 modules.

For any other quantities or special conditions, email us using our contact form.

When Purchasing from Distributors

Authorized distributors determine their own rules regarding package quantities and MOQ. 

Digi-Key allows purchase of individual modules for the IoTize standard modules that they have in catalog. The IoTize products that they resell are listed here.