Embedded Java Virtual Machine

Duetware Embedded Java Virtual Machine


For additional design flexibility, Duetware includes an embedded Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run a designers' Java code. With this added resource, products with Duetware can do edge processing, or act as the central processor for a sensor or controller application. The JVM can be use to:

  • Read data from external devices or internal memory
  • Drive external components via extension ports (GPIOs, analog PWM, UART, I2C)
  • Trigger events on complex conditions
  • Send commands to the internal processor (lwM2M)
  • Format, send data to Cloud platforms
The IoTize support site and forum provides examples of JVM implementations here...
JVM Technical Documentation
LwM2M Core

Plug-and-play network and system integration with our configurable, low-power command processor.  

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