Software Solution for Connected Devices without Coding

IoTize Studio for Instant Wireless, Mobile HMI App and Cloud Dashboards

No-code solution transforms wireless integration projects into a simple process of connection and configuration

Our software solution transforms complex projects into a few simple tasks that deliver immediate results without writing any code. All of this is based on our embedded Duetware and our no-code tool ecosystem.

Our embedded Duetware pre-implements all the features required in a connected device. you simply select and set up those features in our free configuration environment - IoTize Studio. Need more freedom to customize? Add java code to the device configuration for advanced data handling. we provide the free tools for java coding and validation.

Based on that configuration, create human-machine interfaces (HMI) that run Web apps or publishable apps for iOS and Android. It's quick and easy using our drag & drop, WYSIWYG design environment in IoT App Creator. Make interfaces with elaborate, professional displays and tactile controls in just minutes.

After testing, create your apps for publication with just a click of a button using our automatic app generator. The App Generator outputs an app for testing and a project you sign and build into the final app for publication.


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Software Technical Documentation

IoTize Studio configures the features of Tap-based wireless devices, and how they interact with mobile devices, or with Cloud-based service platforms.

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App Generation Software

With IoTize Automatic App Generator based on the Cordova platform and Ionic software tools, instantly create mobile HMI apps without writing a single line of code. Cloud-based tools take the worries and challenges out of creating Android and iOS apps.

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Software Downloads

Get the latest versions of IoTize Studio configuration software, IoTize utility apps, and other tools.

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IoTize Wireless Products & Software

Instantly create mobile HMI apps and cloud dashboards with IoTize wireless products for NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa and more...

TapNLink radio modules (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for mobiles and Cloud
TapNLink Modules

Improve users' experiences with UI apps and cloud services. With TapNLink, instantly add secure wireless to connect to mobiles and cloud. Create custom user interface apps in a click. No coding is required. Just connect and configure.

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TapNPass Modbus - wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) adapters for mobiles and cloud
TapNPass wireless tools

Improve on-site maintenance efficiency. Transform serial fieldbus or Modbus® ports into secure wireless channels for mobile servicing apps. TapNPass is the secure, generic solution that adapts to your maintenance requirements.

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Tapioca Modbus-Wireless adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa)
Tapioca wireless adapters

Improve industrial efficiency with UI apps and Cloud services. With Tapioca, transform serial fieldbus or Modbus® ports into secure wireless channels for mobiles and cloud. Create custom user interface apps in a click. No coding is required. Just connect and configure.

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