Q: Are IoTize wireless products qualified for my market / industry?

IoTize obtains CE (CE-RED), FCC and IC qualification of all its wireless products that require them. Documentation of these qualifications is included on our product pages and in our product datasheets.

For any qualification that you require for your product, you benefit from the availability of the test results and qualifications that IoTize obtains for our wireless products.

If you require qualification of an IoTize wireless product for a specific market or industry, email us using our contact form.

Q: Does IoTize provide antenna recommendations or design support?

A key advantage to our solutions is that you don't have to do any wireless design. IoTize products include embedded antennas for any channels (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) that are available on the wireless module. The embedded antennas are tested and optimized for interoperability. Qualification testing includes testing of the complete wireless implementation including the antenna.

Refer to the product datasheets for wireless characteristics. 

f you require a specific antenna, email us using our contact form.