Portable or Fixed

IoTize TapNPass - Instant Wireless, NFC Bluetooth Wi-Fi on fieldbus

Efficiency without compromising security

Leaving a Wi-Fi channel broadcasting 24/7 on your equipment only invites misuse and hacking. With NFC, technicians just tap to automatically connect the mobile device by Wi-Fi, secure the channel, and launch the correct app. NFC ‘tap-to-connect,’ and dynamic per-session encryption effectively counter ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ and ‘Denial-of-Service’ attacks that can put your equipment at risk and reduce maintenance efficiency.

With portable and fixed variants, TapNPass can be used as a tool accessory (by service personnel) or integrated as a permanent connection on the fieldbus of any system.

  • Fixed devices for permanent integration (powered by target system)
  • Nomad devices for support of multiple systems (self powered)


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  • TapNPass (TnL-NSR103, TnL-FSR103) Datasheet
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  • TapNPass, TnP-NSW103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass, TnP-FSR103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass, TnP-NSR103 Quick Start Guide