HMI on Mobiles

IoTize TapNPass - Instant Wireless, NFC Bluetooth Wi-Fi on fieldbus

Facilitate and secure on-site servicing with user interfaces on Android or iOS mobiles.

TapNPass and Duetware enable rapid and easy creation of HMI that are tailored to different user types (installers, maintenance, supervisors, etc.) with:

  • Auto-generation of HMI from our configuration software
  • HMIs tailored to user profiles and access controls
  • API  for Android, iOS, Windows 10 
  • Support of Cordova & JavaScript

For details, refer to the user manual and datasheets in the General Documantation Center. 

  • TapNPass, TnP-FSW103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass, TnP-NSW103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass, TnP-FSR103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass, TnP-NSR103 Quick Start Guide
  • TapNPass (TnL-NSR103, TnL-FSR103) Datasheet