Mobile Devices

Q: What kinds of mobile devices can be used with IoTize wireless products?

In terms of wireless connection, IoTize hardware can connect to smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or PCs that have a Near Field Communication, Bluetooth or WiFi. Some limitations apply to the use of NFC with older iOS devices.

With regard to software support, IoTize support creation of apps for Android, iOS and Windows10 based devices. With our Cordova-based, cross platform solution, users can automatically generate mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

IoTize also provides its utility apps - Tap Manager and Tap Toolbox on Play Store for Android, and on App Store for iOS.

Q: What mobile devices can be used with IoTize's NFC features?

Near Field Communication is increasingly present and use for more and more applications in Android and iOS devices, notably since the release of iOS13.

IoTize's advanced NFC features such as Tap-to-Pair for Bluetooth / WiFi, and NFC 3-Stroke Configuration are possible with NFC-equipped mobiles running Android 4.0.3 or later versions. Android devices generally support communication over NFC and, background NFC tag reading which are needed for these features.

Progressive opening of NFC capabilities in iOS, mean that our advanced NFC features became possible after iOS 13

  • Communication over NFC:  Supported by devices with iOS 13 or later versions
  • Background NFC Tag Reading:  Supported by iPhone 11, SE2, 12, XR, XS and all later models