Tap LP WAN wireless solutions

Tap with LP WAN connectivity enables Cloud level supervision of equipment and sensors

Tap's LP WAN implementations are conceived as turn-key complements to local connectivity channels for mobile devices, such as NFC and Bluetooth. LP WAN implementations link equipment or sensors to Cloud platforms to provide supervisors with periodic status updates and alerts without on-site human interventions.

Combining LP WAN and local connectivity (i.e. NFC, Bluetooth) on the same module, allows Tap to address a complete service use case that encompasses remote supervision and on-site intervention management. LP WAN technologies support supervisor visibility of the equipment, and facilitate dynamic management of access for service providers on-site. LP WAN technologies are specially adapted to this complementary role offering :

  • Optimized power consumption
  • Long range, bi-directional, low-frequency exchange of system parameters
  • Robust communication link for equipment in buildings or even underground
  • Possibility of exploitation via public or private networks

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