Interfaces Tailored to User Needs

Try this automatically generated app

Navigate the displays, menus and controls of this sample app. With Iotize Duetware, creating an app only takes minutes and requires no expertise!  How is that possible?  Our turnkey solution reduces everything to a simple process of selecting options. No coding is required!



Instantly create apps that fit your user's needs

With our solution, define user interfaces (UI) for different users and their specific needs. Control their use in the UI with our pre-implemented access control features. Then automatically generate the corresponding apps for Android and iOS.

By eliminating the need for expertise in app development and coding, you focus on users and their needs not on technology details. Your designers respond to now needs rapidly by configuring and re-configuring Duetware to test new UI proposals and create professional apps. Our software ecosystem supports you with:

  • Configurable user profiles
  • Turn-key access control and security
  • Drag-n-drop configuration
  • Configuration testing environment
  • Automatic app generator


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Try this automatically generated UI app!

Free App Generator with Duetware-based Wireless Products

TapNLink radio modules (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for mobiles and Cloud
TapNLink wireless modules

Offer UI as apps to improve your users’ experiences. Add TapNLink to your electronic design and create custom UI apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.

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TapNPass Modbus - wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) adapters for mobiles and cloud
TapNPass wireless tools

Provide HMI as apps to improve maintenance efficiency. TapNPass tools plug into any fieldbus. With a simple configuration, create custom apps that meet your servicing requirements. No coding is required.

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Tapioca Modbus-Wireless adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa)
Tapioca wireless adapters

Offer HMI as apps to offer Industry 4.0 functionality on industrial equipment. Retrofit industrial systems with Tapioca, and create custom apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.

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