HMI Tailored to Users


The Tap enables creation of user interface apps for specific users.

With the Duetware, define the users and use cases for your equipment to create Human Machine Interface (HMI) apps that adapt perfectly to those users' needs.

By eliminating the need for expertise in app development and coding, the Duetware allows designers to focus on users and use cases. Designers quickly configure and re-configure Duetware in the TapNLink, TapNPass or Tapioca products to create and then test their HMI apps. Duetware supports them with:

  • Auto-generation of HMI apps for iOS, Android or Windows
  • Multiple designer-defined, user profiles
  • Turn-key access control and security mechanisms
  • Simple, free drag-n-drop configuration and app test environment
  • iOS, Android, Windows mobile support


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