TapNLink LPWAN - Preview

TapNAct - Plan Globally, Act Locally

2 Ways to Monitor and Interact with Connected Systems

Enhance system monitoring & maintenance with LPWAN connection for Cloud and local connection for mobile devices.

The IoTize TapNLink LPWAN project is demonstrating its first modules that combine all the wireless channels needed to support a permanent connection to a Cloud IoT platform and local connections to mobile devices.

Both capabilities are delivered in a simple, easy-to-integrate component that can be added to any microcontroller-based system in just minutes. No hardware design or coding required!

The project is the result of use cases elaborated by IoTize's industrial partners. It is the ideal solution for companies who want to add:

  • Long range connectivity for centralized monitoring and updates
  • Secure, intuitive local connectivity to facilitate on-site service interventions
TapNAct - LoRa, NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy

3 Complementary wireless technologies

The resulting modules provide LoRa (or other long-range, low-power wireless) interface that enables a permanent connection to a Cloud service platform. With this connection it is possible to:

  • Receive and centralize data about connected systems
  • Transmit parameter updates to connected systems

For local connection of mobile devices during servicing, the module includes:

  • NFC interface for wake up and pairing for the local wireless interface. It lowers power consumption, facilitates and enhances the security of the local connection.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connection for point-to-point communication to support local verification of data and updates of system configurations or firmware.
Video - TapNLink Integration Demo

Unprecedented Ease in Wireless Integration

This module, like our TapNLink line can be added to any microcontroller-based electronics. They require no coding. They connect directly to 2 GPIO of the target system's microcontroller and are implemented by a simple configuration.

The modules have designed-in features that support strong authentication & secure communication including:

  • Configurable access control
  • Authentication by token or password
  • Dynamic, multi-layer encryption
  • NFC security enhancement

The wireless hardware design is certified (CE, FCC, IC, ...). There are no antennas to design. There is no circuitry to implement. Designers simply connect the module to their microcontroller and configure it for their system. IoTize software does the rest!