Ahlers EDV Systeme Distributes IoTize Wireless Solutions

Ahlers EDV Systeme distributes IOTize wireless solutions

29 November 2019, Montbonnot, France – IoTize SAS, suppliers of instant wireless solutions for microcontroller-based electronics and industrial systems, announced Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH as its first regional distributor dedicated to the German, Swiss and Austrian markets.

“We are very happy to announce that Ahlers will be representing both our TapNLink and TapNPass wireless solutions in this strategically important region,” stated Francis Lamotte, President of IoTize. “Ahlers have a proven track record supporting embedded systems designers and industrial customers,” explained Francis Lamotte.

IoTize offers instant wireless solutions to companies that design appliances and industrial equipment. These secure wireless solutions for NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be used to deport Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to mobiles (iOS, Android, Windows 10) or to remotely monitor equipment. The IoTize solutions make it easier and more cost effective for companies to add wireless connectivity that facilitates the installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance their equipment or appliances.

IoTize products are divided into two lines that are both available through Ahlers. The TapNLink line of products provides embedded system designers a module-based solution for direct integration with their microcontroller-based electronic design. The TapNPass line provides designers and users of industrial equipment wireless adapters for serial fieldbus (RS-232, RS-485) or Modbus ports. Products in both lines benefit from:

  • Automated NFC wake up and pairing for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Integration by configuration
  • Pre-implemented security features
  • Configurable access control
  • Automatic generation of apps tailored to different user types 

The following IoTize products are available from Ahlers:

  • TapNLink
    • TnL-FIR103 NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy modules.
    • TapNLink-PRIMER-NB evaluation kit for TnL-FIR103
  • TapNPass
    • TnL-NSR103 NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy connection adapter for RS-232, RS-485 and Modbus connection to industrial systems.

About IoTize SAS

IoTize (www.iotize.com) is a French technology start-up based near Grenoble, a European hub for micro and nanotechnologies. In collaboration with industry-leading partners, IoTize designs and manufactures a range of wireless connectivity solutions for microcontroller-based embedded systems (TapNLink) and systems implementing an industry-standard fieldbus of Modbus (TapNPass). To meet the demands of diverse use cases in the Internet of Things (IoT), IoTize solutions integrate a range of wireless technologies ranging from Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to LPWAN technologies such as LoRA and SigFox. All IoTize solutions are designed for plug'n play integration into existing system designs thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migrating them to the IoT.

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