Instant HMI for Industrial Servicing

Tapioca Modbus to Wireless Devices

Add wireless connectivity and create custom servicing interfaces without writing a single line of code.

Technicians interact with systems and equipment on your site every day. But the on-board LCD interfaces are not their best friends. They are inadequate for viewing complex configurations or data, and are difficult to navigate.

Mobile apps are today's essential tool for improving the servicing of equipment commonly found in electrical networks, automated systems, machines, and HVAC equipment. Mobiles provide better access to system parameters and data. They reduce human errors and make technicians more efficient.

Our no-code solution for wireless retrofit and creation of custom HMI apps allows any company to upgrade equipment to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce system down time. Our Tapioca wireless adapters retrofit on any equipment and require only a simple configuration. They provide dynamic layered encryption and configurable access control to ensure the security of your equipment and its data.

Based on Tapioca's configuration, your technicians cans then create customized maintenace interfaces that run as mobile apps. We provide them a drag-and-drop environment for creating the interface they need without writing a single line of code. It takes just a few minutes. The results are robust, professional apps that facilitate servicing. Plus, these apps can easily be modified and updated to adapt to changing needs, service requirements or equipment modifications.

Learn how the solution works in these videos...


Create Simple Servicing Interfaces Directly on a Smartphone

Our Tap Manager app provides a rapid, easy, no-code solution for retrofitting your equipment with wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and creating a mobile servicing interface.

Just plug a Tapioca wireless adapter into your equipment. Tap Manager then allows you to configure the Tapioca and create your graphical interface directly on your mobile phone.

The helpful app wizard guides you through configuration and interface creation. No coding is required. Interfaces can be modified at any time to adapt to changing needs and hardware.

Tap Manager Instant HMI with No Coding

Create Your Advanced Servicing Apps without Coding

Our IOT App Creator software provides a rapid, no-code solution for creating your own mobile servicing apps.

Just plug a Tapioca wireless adapter into your equipment and configure it. IoT App Creator provides a drag-and-drop environment, and graphical component libraries so that you can rapidly create advanced, multi-page graphical servicing interfaces.

IoT App Creator also provides the flexibility to adapt to any requirements with support for your custom graphical components and a data flow editor for setting up advance data handling logic.

IoT App Creator provides all the features you need to create and evolve your servicing apps without writing a single line of code.

IOT App Creator Advanced Servicing HMI with No Coding