Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Q: How do I create graphical controls for my mobile app?

The quickest way to create graphical controls like buttons, slidersgauges, and graphs for a mobile app, is to use the IoTize Studio "Generated App" feature. Using this Cordova-based feature, you simply set options for the graphical elements that you want to create for viewing or modifying data. IoTize Studio automatically generates an app with those graphical controls. No coding is required. This features works the same for both TapNPass and TapNLink. This video shows you how it works.

Q: How to monitor and configure a PLC using a mobile app and Modbus?

2 methods allow you to connect to, monitor, configure and control any Modbus-equipped system from a mobile app:

  1. The on-site method connects the system directly to the mobile. This could be done using a wire connection (ex. USB, if the equipment supports it), or using wireless connections like WiFi or Bluetooth.

    In this case, a "Modbus-wireless adapter" is configured to connect to the system's Modbus port, and to create the mobile app. See how it works in this video, Instant HMI for Modbus Systems.
  2. The remote monitoring method connects the system, via a network to a supervisory platform, which can be accessed with a mobile. It is possible to use a wired serial connection (ex. RS485), or a Modbus-wireless adapter.
    In this case, Modbus-WiFi adapter is configured to connect to the system's Modbus port and to a network gateway, and thus to a supervisory platform. A dashboard on the supervisory platform must be created for data viewing and modification. This is essentially the same process when working with TapNPass or TapNLink. Here is an example of a connection to a Cloud supervisory platform.