Instant Wi-Fi Links MCUs to Cloud

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This video shows how quickly you can add Wi-Fi for Cloud connection to a microcontroller-based application like the STM32 Nucleo. The TapNLink NFC-WiFi Primer (TnL-PRIMER-WF) used in this video brings dynamic NFC (ST25DV) and Wi-Fi interfaces to the Nucleo. With a simple configuration of the TapNLink wireless module using the IoTize Studio configuration environment, users can rapidly integrate Cloud connectivity in their systems without changing the firmware of their application.

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The TapNLink NFC-WiFi module (TnL-FIW10x) shown in this video, is a complete wireless solution that implements by configuration.

It can be configured:

  • For direct connection of an MCU-based system to a WAN network as shown in the video
  • For connection of the MCU-based system to a mobile device for monitoring and configuration using a mobile app.

TapNLink modules integrate with any MCU-based system using one of three types of connection SWD/debug port, S3P serial port or UART/Modbus port. The TapNLink is merely configured using the free IoTize Studio software. Most of the code required for integration on an S3P serial or UART port is generated automatically by IoTize Studio. This eliminates the work and challenges associated with integration and speeds deployment of connected systems.

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