Embedded Systems

Q: Does my system have to use an STM32 if I want to use an IoTize wireless module?

No. TapNLink modules can be used with any microcontroller. TapNPass products can be used in any system that includes a fieldbus.

Using TapNLink & S3P

TapNLink can be connected to any microcontroller on two available GPIOs and integrated using our S3P protocol. This S3P application note will get you started.

For TapNLink, IoTize also provides a library and examples for S3P implementation on Arduino boards. This article "How to iotize your Arduino board" will get you started.

Using TapNLink on an SWD Debug port

Because of our extensive experience with STM32, TapNLink already offers some very advantageous features for STM32 if you connect to the microcontroller’s debug port. Features include over-the-air programming of the microcontroller and over-the-air debugging using the Raisonance Ride7 development environment.

Any Cortex M-based microcontroller can benefit from the same features using the SWD debug port. If you want to know more about devices supported via debug port, email us using the contact form.