Instant Mobile HMI for Industry

Mobile phones and their large tactile interfaces can dramatically improve servicing efficiency. Now anyone can create a mobile HMI directly on their phone with IoTize wireless adapters and Tap Manager app. See how it works in this demonstration video...

The Instant human machine interface concept

Improve efficiency of machine commissioning and servicing with wireless communications and mobile Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

IoTize wireless adapters plug directly into any machines' Modbus port. They allow technicians to instantly retrofit them with secure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC interfaces that allow the connection of machines to mobile phones. Then, with the IoTize Tap Manager app, they create the servicing interface directly on a smartphone by setting the access control, communication and display parameters. There is no coding to do. There are no expensive software or tools to buy.

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Instant servicing apps thanks to adaptable HMI

Products in this Demo...


Tap Manager App with Adaptable HMI

From the video demonstration you can see that creating mobile HMI can be done by any qualified servicing technician. That's because our Tap Manager takes all of the coding out of creating the HMI and communicating with your equipment. Technicians focus instead on the data and controls that are important to getting maintenance tasks done efficiently and without error.

Tap Manager is available on Play Store and App Store.

Tapioca Fieldbus-to-Wireless Adapters

Need to retrofit your installations with wireless and mobile HMI? With Tap Manager and Tapioca fieldbus-wireless adapters, you can rapidly and easily do just that. For connecting to mobiles, Tapioca offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They support a wide range of fieldbus types including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB and CAN. They are available in DIN rail and IP67 casings.

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TapNPass Wireless Servicing Tool

Need a portable tool for installers or technicians? TapNPass is our battery powered fieldbus-to wireless tool. It is conceived for hands-free operation and is power-optimized to ensure that technicians can work through long shifts without worrying about recharging. It offers Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with mobiles and supports RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB fieldbus connection.

Get TapNPass here.

IoTize Tapioca Fieldbus-Wireless adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)