Watt Tap Appliance Energy Meter

IoTize WattTap Energy Meter Free Design

Precise, cost-effective energy metering for your appliances.

Watt Tap is a generic energy meter that can easily be added to any appliance. It connects to a smartphone app and provides energy consumption data for specific periods for any appliance. Watt Tap lets you see precisely where energy is consumed by specific appliances and where you can make changes that have a meaningful impact on energy consumption and cost.

Secure, Wireless Meter

Watt Tap is an open hardware design that is based on the IoTize TapNLink wireless modules. It retrofits any appliance for energy metering by connecting directly to the mains power cord. It is designed for low-cost, low-power consumption and security.

Smartphone Connectivity

Watt Tap with Near Field Communication connects to your smartphone with a simple tapping gesture, which launches the Watt Tap app on your mobile. Data is stored only on the Watt Tap and on your phone. 

The IoTize supplied app provides visibility of hourly, weekly or monthly consumption of that appliance. It can even measure consumption during specific events (ex. while running a wash cycle). Check it out in the video below.


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Try the Watt Tap App, or Create Your Own

This video shows the features of the Watt Tap app that IoTize provides to help users see and understand the energy consumption of the appliance that their Watt Tap device is connected to.

Instantaneous Power Measure

A range of instantaneous measures of power consumption help the user see in the moment how an appliance is performing. Features include graphing of power consumption (data compiled and stored temporarily by the app), low and high energy use, and consumption warnings.  

History of Power Consumption

The Watt Tap hardware is also equipped and configured to record the power consuption history (past minutes, hours, days and months).

This feature illustrates the power of this design and its embedded Java Virtual Machine for edge data processing, storage and even transfer to the user's cloud supervisory platform.

Record Event Power Consumption

To understand the consumption and cost of specific events, the app includes setting for the cost per kilowatt hour, as well as controls to start and stop consumption recording during a specific event.

For example, connected to a clothes washer, a user can measure the cost of a wash cycle:

  • Using different wash modes
  • At different hours where the cost per KWh is different. 

Create Your Own App

Want to try your hand at creating your own app and data analysis features?

Watt Tap is created using IoTize's IoT App Creator environment. Any user can create their own dashboard or even their own mobile app without writing a single line of code. With App Creator users simply import the Watt Tap's embedded configuration. Then using a drag-and-drop interface can create an interface that corresponds to their use or their specific appliance. 

Create Your Wattmeter App with IoTize Tap Manager

Create Your Own Watt Tap Interface in IoT App Creator

Appliance owners can use the IoTize Watt Tap app or create their own metering apps for their mobile phone. It takes just a few minutes with IoTize's free IoT App Creator to create dashboards that run on iOS and Android mobiles.

Users simply select the data they want to represent and the graphical representation for that data. For more advanced features such as managing different views and controls for users that have logged in to the appliance, a fewl lines of java code allow users to create advange displays, controls and views of consumption data.

See how App Creator works here...