Video: NFC for Secure Bluetooth Connection

About this Demo Video...

This video shows the interaction of IoTize's TapNLink NFC-Bluetooth Low Energy radio modules with Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, PDAs, etc.). 

In this demo, TapNLink uses the Near Field Communications (NFC) proximity contactless technology  to automate the wake up and pairing of the the Bluetooth interfaces when required by the user. Using NFC in this manner has several advantages:

  • Improves users' experience with its intuitive, responsive tap-to-connect feature
  • Reduces opportunity for MIM attacks with proximity (3cm) pairing and key exchange
  • Eliminates unwanted radio emmissions
  • Reduces power consumption of the wireless implementation

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Products in this Demo...

The TapNLink NFC-BLE Primer shown in this video, is a complete evaluation kit for implementing connectivity in a microcontroller-based electronic system. With this Primer, users can add Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interfaces that allow mobile terminals such as smartphones to connect to an embedded system. The mobile terminal can then be used to configure parameters (write access) or to monitor data (read access) locally on a graphical interface. This graphical interface is created instantaneously when the user configures the Primer.

Data that is being monitored locally on the mobile terminal can also be sent to a Cloud platform that is dedicated to the user's Primer. This allows users to immediately explore the possibilities for collecting and monitoring data remotely on the Cloud. This dedicated Cloud environment is -pre-provisionned and configured so that users can explore the possibilities without getting bogged down in the details of Cloud implementation.

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TapNLink Primer