Tap Manager Instant HMI Available on iPhone

iOS Tap Manager app for instant HMI

IoTize wireless devices and Tap Manager app lets you create custom human machine interfaces for any electronics directly on your iphone.

Barcelona, Spain, 31 January, 2023 -- Today at IoT Solutions World Congress, IoTize SAS introduced its new Tap Manager app for iOS. Now, creating custom human-machine interfaces (HMI) for any electronics is as easy as connecting a wireless device to it and configuring it. Product designers, systems engineers, even technicians can now create customized user interface directly on their iphone without writing a single line of code.

To create their custom HMI, users simply connect an IoTize wireless module (TapNLink) or wireless adapter (Tapioca or TapNPass) to their electronic system. These modules and devices connect on standard interfaces so that no re-engineering of their electronics is required. Then on their iphones, users configure communication and display parameters. There is no code to write and there are no expensive tools to purchase.

Tap Manager lets users represent data from their electronics system in graphical form as charts, gauges, or values. Plus, they can create controls such as buttons, sliders, and switches to configure their electronics and control its features directly from the app. With Tap Manager, users can rapidly retrofit electronic designs and industrial systems to create customized user interfaces that dramatically improve user's experience with their systems and products.

Tap Manager is available now for iOS on App Store.

A wide range of wireless modules and adapters are available today from IoTize and authorized distributors. They offer a range of wireless channels including Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi for connecting mobiles to electronics.

Users of IoTize wireless devices benefit from a host of automation, security and data handling features that are pre-implemented in the device's firmware. These include dynamic encryption, configurable access control and NFC automated pairing for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These features improve the security, ease and efficiency of using wireless channels to connect smartphones to industrial equipment.

Create Your Custom Mobile HMI with Tap Manager

Want to create your own human-machine interfaces without writing a single line of code?

Tap Manager eliminates the coding and expensive tools required by other solutions. Just install the app and add an IoTize wireless device to your electronic system. It takes just minutes. Creating your HMI takes even less!

In no time, you'll have a custom HMI that launches automatically every time a user connects to your machines. Plus, you can modify the HMI at any time and evolve it to meet changing needs.

See how it works for industrial equipment in this short video...

Or, check out this video for embedded system designers using STM32.

New Tap Manager Instantly Creates HMI on Mobiles

Pricing and Availability

Try the New Tap Manager with instant configuration and HMI creator on Play Store and App Store. The app is provided free to all users of IoTize wireless devices and modules.

For pricing and availability of our wireless devicescontact IoTize here.

About IoTize SAS

IoTize (www.iotize.com) is a French start-up based near Grenoble France, a European hub for micro and nanotechnologies. IoTize designs and manufactures a range of wireless connectivity solutions (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, etc.) for microcontroller-based embedded systems (TapNLink) and systems implementing any industry-standard serial fieldbus (TapNPass, Tapioca). All IoTize solutions are designed for plug 'n play integration with electronics and mobile, thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migrating products to the IoT.

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