Raisonance Ride7 Adds Java Debugger for New IoTize JVM

Raisonance free Java tools for TapNLink Duetware JVM

Code, compile, and debug Java applications for TapNLink's Duetware embedded Java Virtual Machine

15 September 2021, Montbonnot, France – Today, IoTize SAS and their Raisonance development tool team announced availability of a free Ride7 tool set (RKIT-JVM) for Java debugging. The toolset is being released to support users of IoTize's Duetware JVM with a professional IDE for Java coding, compiling and debugging.

Raisonance Ride7 is proven software environment recognized by embedded systems developers working with industry leading architectures like Cortex M (STM32). Ride7 users benefit from proven features that include:

  • Integrated Java toolset (RKit-JVM)
  • Project manager
  • Java execution & debug in simulator (on PC), or in-circuit (on TapNLink)
  • Syntax highlighting code editor
  • Line breakpoints & breakpoint viewer
  • Code stepping
  • Context saving
Duetware JVM for java in IoT & sensor apps

“Our Duetware JVM is a powerful feature and a perfect complement to the plug and play approach of Duetware's lwM2M engine. Users can do data processing and even control external components with very little java code” stated Francis Lamotte, IoTize President. “Getting the most out of the JVM, means providing the tools to help users write and debug their Java code - Raisonance Ride7 is a great IDE, recognized worldwide because of its many years supporting the STM32 community,” explained Francis Lamotte.

The Ride7 and the Raisonance Java tool set (RKit-JVM) are already available for free download from the Raisonance support web site. This tool release supports the newest version of the IoTize JVM.

The IoTize JVM is available now by firmware update for TapNLink, TapNPass and Tapioca products that feature the IoTIze's ESP32-based wireless module (features NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi) and IoTize's NFC-only modules (TnL-FIT203).

The IoTize Primers (TnL-PRIMER-NBW) feature the new JVM and are available to users worldwide via IoTize, Elektor and authorized distributors.

About IoTize SAS

IoTize (www.iotize.com) is a French start-up based near Grenoble France, a European hub for micro and nanotechnologies. IoTize designs and manufactures a range of wireless connectivity solutions (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, etc.) for microcontroller-based embedded systems (TapNLink) and systems implementing any industry-standard serial fieldbus (TapNPass, Tapioca). All IoTize solutions are designed for plug'n play integration with electronics and mobile, thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migrating products to the IoT.

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