DigiFed - Touch&Heat

DigiFed - Touch&Heat Project

NFC-Enhanced Heating Appliances for Sustainable Energy Consumption

Best User Experience from Manufacturing to Daily Use

2018 EU directives set the bar high for energy saving features that will help Europe attain sustainable energy consumption objectives. These increasingly refined yet complex features present challenges for installers, and users. Today, fewer than 10% of owners these features using traditional LCD interfaces that are tedious and inefficient.

Near Field Communication (NFC) eases appliance programming by product installers and owners... and without the cost, complexity and security risks of 'always-connected' wireless solutions (WiFi, LPWAN, etc.).

NFC 3-Stroke Connfiguration for HVAC

NFC & Apps for Unprecedented Ease-of-Use

For installers and owners, NFC-enabled heating appliances promise dramatic improvements in ease-of-use and efficiency when programming these products. Mobile apps improve both visibility and the user's understanding of parameters. The graphical displays and controls that are familiar to all users, eliminating the need for user notices. Near Field Communication allows these users to connect to appliances with the 'touch' of the mobile to an NFC tag. NFC takes away the need for security codes and addresses, and replaces them with a simple, intuitive gesture.

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Touch&Heat Brings NFC Innovations to Market

To bring these NFC features to market in Europe, Touch&Heat unites three companies specialized in all aspects of this digital solution and its use in home heating appliances. By uniting complementary actors in a cross-border collaboration, Touch&Heat will rapidly bring to market products that addresses multiple needs and ensure a durable digital transition for the three participants and their customers.

IoTize - NFC & mobile connectivity solutions

IoTize SAS – a French start up designing wireless and NFC solutions for connecting appliances to mobiles and networks.

Steve Gussenhoven
Marketing Communications Manager
+33 6 62 78 09 66

Cotherm - Thermostatic controls

Cotherm SAS – a French SME designing electronic thermostatic controls.


Bertrand Buttin
Sales Director
+33 4 76 36 94 47

Lucht LHZ - Home heating appliances

Lucht LHZ Elektroheizungen – a German group designing and manufacturing home, commercial and industrial heating appliances.

Rafael Frommhold
Project & E-Commerce Manager
+49 3724 66869 19

DigiFed - Touch&Heat Project

DigiFed Promoting Durable Digital Transformations

DigiFed funding for Touch&Heat is part of their European initiative encouraging the digital transition of SMEs through identification of market needs and the technological solutions to fulfill them. 

Touch&Heat was selected from a field of more than 70 applicants in the DigiFed 2nd Open Call Digital Challenge. Digital Challenges are match funding opportunities for SMEs that highlight attractive market needs, which can be addressed through the adoption of advanced technologies such as networking, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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