Master Chips

Master Chips ( has been active since 1984 as a distributor of electronic components and systems on the BENELUX market. The product range grew over the years in both width and depth and during the last decade the focus was oriented on a broader integration of digitization, automation and connectivity.

Master Chips knows how to take a pioneering role in order to achieve this connectivity between systems. When advising on the connection of systems, we invariably know how to connect our accumulated detail knowledge to the right high-quality components and brands.

The creation of an automation process depends on the good guidance, and let that expertise be exactly what you will find at Master Chips. So contact us today and assure yourself of a carefree and successful trail towards the factory, house or office of the future.

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Industrielaan 4 
B 9320 Erembodegem, Belgium 
Tel: +32 (0)56 22 36 73