Instant Wireless & Apps from Maritex

Maritex Leszek Losin Sp.k. ( was established in 1987 and is currently one of largest, fast developing wholesalers of electronic equipment on the Polish market.

Maritex is a reseller for renowned worldwide companies and has long-term experience in selection of manufacturers to ensure timely and renewable deliveries of top quality components at competitive prices. The company offers a wide range of components including: semiconductors, passive components, LEDs, LCD, TFT, OLED and VFD displays, gas and ultrasonic sensors, buzzers, industrial computers, m printers, switches, relays and a wide range of connectors.

Maritex 3500 m2 warehouse in Gdynia Poland, serves clients across and central Europe including Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Romania.

The company maintains quality certifications that include: ISO 9002 Quality Certificate (in 1999), ISO9001:2001 Certificate of Quality System No. 285/3/2003 (in 2003), and ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Quality System No. HU11/5851 (in June 2011).


Damian Weisbrodt
Product Manager
Tel: +48 58 662 05 34


Available from Maritex

TapNLink modules
TapNPass Modbus Adapters
TnL-PRIMER-NB evaluation kit   TnP-NSR103 NFC, BLE, portable
TnL-FIT203 NFC   TnP-FSR103 NFC, BLE, fixed   
TnL-FIR103 NFC, BLE    
TnL-FIW103 NFC, BLE, WiFi (ESP32)