IoTize Duetware for Connected Appliances at CES 2022

IoTize Duetware for Connected Appliances at CES 2022, Las Vegas

Discover IoTize Duetware for Easy IoT at CES 2022

Discover Duetware for Connected Appliances at CES 2022

Try Duetware - the 'no coding' solution that instantly connects appliances to mobiles and to the cloud.

January 5 - 8, 2022
Venetian Center
, ​Las Vegas, NV
Eureka Park    Stand:  61258

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Mobiles Eclipse LCDs as Consumers' Appliance HMI of Choice

Mobiles Eclipse LCDs as Consumers' User Interface of Choice

Consumers will try most anything on their smartphones but are quick to dismiss advantageous features that are complicated to use. The LCD interfaces created by appliances designers turn away consumers for exactly this reason. Difficult to understand and inefficient to use, they can hide your  innovative appliance features or frustrate customers at first use.

Discover how Duetware and mobile apps bring your innovative appliance features to your customers while enhancing your product's ease-of-use, flexibility and sustainability.

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Duetware for rapid wiireless and HMI ntegration

Instantly Create Mobile HMI for Consumer Appliances

Those old, expensive LCDs on your appliances are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today's customers want mobile interfaces. Duetware gets your products designs connected without writing a single line of code!

Enhance appliances with smartphone-based human-machine interfaces today. Duetware resolves the technical challenges of wireless and mobile app design. Connection to mobiles and cloud, encryption, access control, graphical displays and controls, app generation... you can do it all with Duetware in just minutes! 

With Duetware-based wireless modules, complex engineering projects become a simple process of connection, configuration and automatic generation of your customized graphical interfaces.

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Duetware Speeds Appliance Set Up with NFC 3-Stroke Configuration

Duetware Speeds Appliance Set Up with NFC 3-Stroke Configuration

NFC Forum award-winning solution improves efficiency and ease of appliance configuration.

Faced with the challenge getting appliance owners to use programmable energy-saving features, appliance manufacturers have looked to Near Field Communication (NFC) and mobile apps for a solution.

Using mobile apps and NFC is an intuitive, efficient, and secure way to configure electric radiators as we can see in this use case video. Connection between the mobile and appliance is effortless, with no lists of device connections or pairing codes. And, apps provide easy-to-understand human-machine interfaces that encourage use of new features with having to dig out a user's manual.

Discover how this NFC Forum award winning solution is changing appliance use. 

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