IoTize Product Lines

The IoTize offer is divided into two distinct lines of products that correspond to different types of physical connections to target systems: the TapNLink and the TapNPass.

Both lines offer the same fundamental advantages. They allow system designers to connect their products to local information appliances such as smartphones, tablet and laptop PCs. Designer can then rapidly design, field and update rich, deported user interfaces that make using their products more intuitive and seamless for their customers. They can also connect their products to networks to develop Cloud-based services to offer new features, or purchasing and support services. 

Both product lines are implemented by configuration only. Designers define variables that are to be written/read and access rights. There is no need to re-code existing systems. Products in both lines fully encapsulate RF and security features to simplify integration and make it easier to evolve systems to meet future needs.

Both lines offer a variety of RF technologies that correspond to different use cases. These RF implementations are optimized and qualified in accordance with relevant standards to ensure interoperability.

Finally, both lines benefit from the same IoTize infrastructure that facilitates integration with network infrastructures and Cloud service platforms.


TapNLink line supports direct connection to a system's microcontroller via its debug port or via any 2 GPIOs with implementation of IoTize S3P.

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TapNPass line supports connection to an existing system bus on RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CAN or USB (supporting FTDI232 and CP210x serial transceivers). Supported bus protocols include Modbus and CANopen.

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Products in both of our product lines support a range of RF interfaces to fit the needs of different use cases.

TapNLink line:
   NFC products     Bluetooth products
   Wi-Fi products

TapNPass line:
   NFC products     Bluetooth products
   Wi-Fi products